Just a coincidence? Perhaps not.

Two days ago I walked into Santiago de Compostela to finish the Camino de Santiago, The Frances Way. After starting in France 40 days ago, it was an exhilarating and also emotional experience. Among a lot of other thoughts, the competing ideas of being glad it was over, and not wanting it to be over were at play.  

Additionally, the sadness of knowing that I won’t be seeing my ‘Camino Family’ anymore. They are the many people that I have come to know and love during the journey, also tugs at the heart strings.  

Katharina and me. I am going to miss this lovely young lady!
This crew I walked into Santiago with. Mark from Portland OR, Marta from Poland living in southern Spain, Katie from Colorado, Katharina from Germany living in Austria, Sigor from Basque is taking the picture, and me.

Now as I look back over those 40 days, I have to ask myself about their significance, and what has changed since 40 days and 500 miles ago. As you know, the number 40 has major biblical meaning. It is mentioned over 100 times in the Bible and generally symbolizes a period of testing, trial or probation. 

Certainly I was tested physically with all of the walking, and mentally in many ways as well; more than I could ever describe.

As for me during my 40 days, certainly I have learned that I can do hard things over an extended period of time, make it in one piece to the end, and most of all enjoy every minute of the journey. This will serve me well for whatever is to come in the future. I could not have asked for more than that!

So what now??

John has now joined me and we will walk to the end of the world together. Well not quite, but it is where the Europeans once thought the world ended, and it is the western most point in Europe. It is called Fisterra, which technically means the end of the land. It is 50 miles from Santiago, as if I need to walk more. It is supposed to rain the whole time, so wish us luck!

John and I leave Santiago and head for the coast. Looking good.
The Cathedral fades out of view as we head out of town toward the coast.




A great husband willing to come was a little with me.

My camino family – names too many to mention


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