As many of you know, I flew directly to the Mayo Clinic from Europe for a routine check up. Per the clinical study I am in called PROMISE (read more about it here), I am bound to a pretty strict checkup schedule where they take extra scans, blood, and sometimes biopsy cells to study them.  However, the pet scan this time showed so little cancer that I am now allowed to go three months between visits instead of two! Yahoo! In many ways, including less driving through Wisconsin in the dead of winter.

After the Mayo visit, I arrived home late Monday night. I have begun once again to enjoy all of the wonderful comforts of my home, one of which is a very strong cup of coffee in the morning out of any of my favorite mugs.

The beloved coffee in one of my favorite quote mugs. Thank you to my fabulous neighbors, the Swartwoods, for the beautiful welcome home flowers!

And as I looked outside this morning, I see we have gotten our first snow of the season. Oh my goodness, really? I took this picture from the warmth of the inside, because who really wants to go out there? I am thankful for the reality that I don’t have to walk 15 miles in that today!

Snow this morning. Enough said.
But at this point, I can’t help but wonder, ‘So now what?’.  
First, it is my full intention to achieve the fundraising goal of $100,000 I set out to accomplish.

I am almost there, but not quite. There is still some room to take advantage of the dollar for dollar matching from the Foglia Family Foundation! Act now if you want to take advantage of that.

And secondly, I’d love to speak to YOU, your church group, your classroom, your bible study, book study, club, or even a one time informal gathering at your home. I will discuss the Camino Pilgrimage, the new generation of breast cancer screening technology that I am fundraising for, or both.  

Please contact me at if you are interested in inviting me to speak!

And as for me, I will continue to try to assimilate back into real society. I am glad to be home, but there are some things I miss about the Camino life, the walking and the simplicity of the days to name two. The lessons of the camino are many, and I will try to take note of what I am missing from it, and incorporate those things more into my life back home.  So if you’d like to take a walk sometime, let me know! We’ll take a simple walk without too many turns to complicate things 🙂 

A walk anyone?  


Central heating and a warm fireplace – feeling pretty good right about now.

My own coffee, because it’s the best – sorry Starbucks.

So many great friends and neighbors – I can’t wait to see you all again soon!

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