As compared to the last blog, This topic is not so metaphorically rich, except for the idea that if pilgrims are historically supposed to suffer along the way, this might be happening via the menu along with extensive uncertainty of actually not knowing about the next meal. I say in jest mostly but not completely.  

It goes like this pretty much every day. You may have paid 3 euros for breakfast the night before, and that usually goes from 6:30 to 7:30 am, and mostly consists of bread, butter, jam, and coffee.  Maybe some sort of packaged cake sort of thing.  If you miss it, too bad. If they don’t serve breakfast, too bad.  

Down the road there may or may not be a place where you can get coffee and a pastry.  Sometimes you can think you are just trying to get eggs, and wind up with this huge heart attack on a plate. 

Lunch is pretty dicey altogether. Keep in mind that by lunch time you have easily burned off any breakfast (due to the 10 mile walk you just did) that you either did or didn’t get, even the heart attack plate. It usually consists of potato tortilla, or ham and cheese sandwiches made differently, but are really all the same. Basically you can get white bread, smoked meat, cheese, or potato any way you want them. Obviously the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Diet has not made its way here.

Tapas basically
Ham and cheese, cheese and ham

In the afternoon you can get plenty of beer and bar food.


Typical Bar
Another bar
Note the lack of green anything

At night many albergues serve a pilgrims dinner for about 10 euros. It’s sometimes salad (whoo hoo!), a lot of pasta and bread, meat unidentified, and yogurt for dessert. Everyone eats together in a family style manner.

What is interesting is that sometimes there are lots of beautiful veggies around, but they aren’t on the menu! The nice owner of this shop actually took my picture with them because of my sheer admiration of the bounty. Isn’t it beautiful?

But really, it’s fine. You just have to plan ahead, try to have some things in reserve, and be flexible!  Kind of like life, right?


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