Well, there are signs, many types, sizes, and quality of signs.  And you have to be on your toes to see them all, or you might go The Wrong Way.

The Camino is a metaphor rich for life and the signs are no exception. Please enjoy. 

Some signs along The Way are clearly obvious, 

While others are not. 

Some Way signs are cute little hand made signs, 

While others are quite commercial.

Some tell you two different Ways to get to the exact same place.

Some Way signs are with other signs, 

While others are alone and in odd places.

Some signs are even written in the sky. Oops, probably not. Cool, but no. 

At points along The Way somebody has messed with some of the Way signs, which is maddening. Dear Way Sign Tampering Jackass, I forgive you already because I don’t know what you’ve been through on Your Way, but I am tired and I don’t want to go The Wrong Way. I will go left because that feels like it is The Right Way, but if that turns out to be The Wrong Way, I will simply turn around and go The Other Way. You will not, in the end, keep me from finding My Way. I hope someday that you find Your Way without interfering with Other People’s Ways.

So as you see the signs are endless, but here is the best sign I have seen so far. 

Donate here for the new Breast Cancer Sign!

P.S. Tonight I am in Los Arcos, and am now over 1/7 of The Way done. I went 20 miles today, and feel tired but am okay. I think that’s a good…sign, get it? 


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