So I Stopped that and Started Walking my Own, and Boy am I Glad I Did

After the first day of walking, I met up with four lovely people from Ireland, and we walked together and bunked together the second day. One fellow named Barry is hell bent on getting to Santiago in 32 days, so the whole group began to walk fast and see very little because he was in such a hurry. The breaks were short and time spent picture taking had to be ‘made up for’.  

At the beginning of the 3rd day walking into Pamplona, I realized I had been sucked into walking Barry’s Camino, as opposed to walking my own. Additionally, he had plans to walk around Pamplona as quickly as possible because ‘it’s just like any other big city and not worth the time’.  At this particular moment, I decided that the benefits of hanging with this group did not outweigh the cost, and I slowed down and let them go. They are far ahead of me now, and I am not likely to see them again.  They were all wonderful and I am better for having met them. Their Irish humor and good company will be missed. I wish them Godspeed and I hope Barry makes his time table if that is the Camino that he wants. 

As for me, I spent today in Pamplona, and I am so glad I did. I went to the Pilgrims Mass this morning at the Cathedral and walked up to the top of the bell tower afterwards. To be honest, I didn’t understand much of what was said, but it still had a comforting familiarity.

After that I walked around the city, took a nap, read, and enjoyed the company of my fellow albergue dwellers. I feel my leg and back muscles restored. Tomorrow I will head out early.

Please enjoy below what I got to see today, walking my own Camino:


The oldest operating bell in Spain. It is rung 40 times per year on special occasions.
View from the bell tower
Another view from the bell tower
Cathedral in Pamplona

So I ask you, whose Camino are you walking?  Yours, or someone else’s?




Fruit and vegetables which are in short supply on the Camino.  

The Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program who helped me train for this walk. Thanks Karin, Thom, and Heather!!!

Warmth and sunshine – have had nothing but that since I’ve been here.

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