As I head into Santiago with less than 25 kilometers left to go, I look back at where I started this journey some 38 days and 775 kilometers ago, I am fascinated with how far I have come. And it strikes me that the value of looking back and appreciating ‘from where you came’ is very worthwhile. 

From Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port
Into The Pyrenees
Through the Rioja region
Into the Meseta
And finishing in Galicia

What a journey. It’s been a taxing but inspiring road! All good things are worth working for.  

Additionally, looking back at my whole life, at having grown up in a small rural town in southern Indiana, I have to appreciate that simplicity and those good Midwestern values as well.  

And my undergraduate alma mater Purdue University, you make me proud. Yes it’s great to beat the #2 ranked Ohio State in football, but your support of young cancer patient Tyler exceeds that victory thrill by far. That’s who we are, and I for one am proud to be among you.  Go Boilers!! Read Tyler’ story here.


What about you? Have you taken the time to look back and appreciate from where, and how far you have come?




A relatively stress free small town upbringing.

Legs good enough to carry me 500 miles. 

The boilermaker train – I always like it. 

Breast Cancer Fact

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