What am I doing for Training?

Many people have asked me what I am doing to prepare for my 500 mile walk across Spain.  They have asked questions like: How far do you have to walk every day?  How much? Where are you walking here before you go?  And, what else are you doing to prepare?


Well, the answer is: a lot of things.  First, I am doing weight training and focusing on my core to ensure that carrying a full backpack every day won’t be too much of a strain on my back.  Next, it’s cardio fitness, with interval and tempo workouts alternating.  And lastly of course, lots and lots of walking in the exact shoes that I will be wearing on the trail for 15 miles, or about 6 hours a day on average.  This helps with working out any issues that I may have with the shoes before I go, and builds up callouses in the right places. The right shoes, and foot care, are crucial for a successful walk of the Camino.


For the most part I just take very long walks around my neighborhood (8 miles or so), and sometimes with friends at the Cuba Marsh, in Barrington IL.  So if you are at Citizens Park in Barrington, or you find yourself in Hawthorn Woods, and you see a middle aged lady oddly wearing a backpack and hiking shoes with pink laces – yep that’s me, just putting one foot in front of the other.  Over and over and over and…


A 22 mile walk around Lake Geneva, WI is scheduled for next week.  Stay tuned for an update on that!







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