Two years ago today my Dad died from a terrible car accident.  It came as a real shock, and we all miss him terribly.

Robert Edward Ferris, February 6, 1926 – October 13, 2016.
Dad and my late Aunt in northern Wisconsin on the farm where they grew up.

I know he would have been mighty unhappy about my cancer diagnosis and would have worried a lot about it. Like most parents, he was good at worrying. In fact he excelled at it. He probably would have worried about me doing this walk too.

However, one of the things he always enjoyed was seeing how farming is done in other places, what they grow, etc.  

So no deep subjects, metaphors, or play on words today. Just some good farm pictures that I think Dad would have liked seeing. I have now walked 350 miles, and most of it has been though rural farming areas between small villages, so there is no shortage of good farm scenery to capture.  

French sheep
Horse farming
Grapes in the Roija region

My favorite picture of the grapes


Sunflower seeds
Hay and or wheat!
Everybody grows read sweet peppers in their gardens and dries them outside their homes!

Massive bales of hay
Also, tree farming!
And of course, corn!


1.  Great parents and grandparents.

2.  Not much rain, because tomorrow it is going to pour here!

3.  Climate control. No AC and no heat in most allergies!!


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