Greetings to all.

I am in Belorado tonight with 540 kilometers to go to reach Santiago. That puts me at about 1/3 of the way through, at 12 days total with 1 day off. About right! I have exited the Rioja region of vineyards and olive groves and am approaching the flatter lands and planes of the Bergos region.  Although, it’s still not completely flat! 


It’s getting flatter as I head west.

At this point given the rigor of the walk, a lot of people are starting to discuss what they are carrying and why. At the end of a long 15 mile day, whatever you are carrying really weighs you down.


Currently my backpack weighs 20 pounds. That’s about average on the Camino.

Some people have opted to send their bag ahead, leaving them free to bop down the trail seemingly without a care in the world. Others have lightened their loads by sending things home, or simply leaving items they don’t need behind. Most albergues have a ‘take it if you need it table’ consisting of those left items. While others, for better or worse, insist on carrying everything they brought out of ego, stubbornness, or just because it feels a little like cheating not to.  

Though incredibly tempting, I have not succumbed to allowing someone else to carry my load. I am the helper, and not someone who needs help. I don’t like the idea of it. Probably not a coincidence, I have loaded my pack to where it is pretty heavy for me, but not impossible to deal with. It weighs a lot, but I can make it, though quite tired, to the end of each day. This is sounding familiar. 

All of this begs the question about what to carry, what to let go of, and what to allow someone else to take. Hmmmm. Good question.

At first, it only makes sense to carry those things you really need, as well as those that are import to you like the items below:


My angel from Bob, my holy spirit Dove from Marti, my intention bracelet from Jeanne, and my brave heart pendant from Sharon.

I also have the pretty heavy stuff I will let go of ahead on the trail when the time comes, which at this point is represented by some physically heavy objects. More on that later – this is where the stones come in.

Beyond that I will continue to try to lighten my load because I probably need to, something I am not particularly good at.  

How about you?  What would you carry, let go of, or allow someone else to take?



REI – they make FANTASTIC trekking stuff

Sunscreen – the mid afternoon sun is brutal here

Washers and dryers – oh how I miss them 🙂


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