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Molecular Breast Imaging


MBI is a new screening technology that illuminates cancer in dense breasts that can not be seen by even a 3D Mammogram.

Women have been told the 3D mammography is the new ‘gold standard’ for breast cancer detection, yet mammography finds LESS THAN HALF of all cancers in dense breast tissue – which pertains to approximately half of all women!  MBI was designed to overcome this shortcoming in mammography, allowing many more cancers to be detected when the disease is still curable.

MBI screening is slowly becoming more available to women across the country, yet very few know about it — even doctors. (See list of USA locations.)

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Dense Breasts &
Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI)

breast scan

Up to half of all women in the world have dense breast tissue

Dense tissue AND cancer both look white on a mammogram, and therefore many cancers can be obstructed from view on mammogram images.


Mammograms detect less than half of all cancers in women with dense breast tissue.

This leaves cancer to grow and ultimately travel to other parts of the body (metastasize) in those women whose cancers go undetected. There is currently NO CURE for metastatic breast cancer . . . 40,000 women per year die of metastatic breast cancer.


Dense breast tissue alone is a high risk factor for breast cancer.

Having dense breast tissue is a risk factor for getting breast cancer, equivalent to having a family member with the disease.


Therefore, mammography screening is inadequate for half of the female population, who are naturally at higher risk.

Better breast cancer early detection is just around the corner . . .

A new technology called Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) has proven to detect 3-4 times more breast cancers at an early stage than standard mammography in women with dense breast tissue.  Click to see results. 

Mayo Clinic Study

What’s the next step necessary so MORE women with breast cancer become SURVIVORS?

Funding the Density MATTERS Study

Preliminary results are extremely promising!

Out of 1000 women with dense breast tissue tested to-date,
9 cancers were found with MBI,
while 2 were found with 3D Mammography.




With more cancers detected early, MORE women with breast cancer  become SURVIVORS.


Help make this a reality today!



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