“Today is only one day, in all the days that will ever be. But, what will happen in all the other days that ever come, can depend on what you do today.” – Ernest Hemingway

First, a big shout out to Elisa Spain who leads my husband’s Vistage group for providing the inspiration for this blog.The topic in her weekly newsletter a couple of weeks ago was inspired by Hemingway’s quote, and I decided to adopt it for my use.Thanks Elisa!See her website here.

The last few days of the Camino have been both spectacular and challenging, and have required some planning ahead.In other words, what you do or don’t do one day, can really effect how your tomorrow goes on the Camino.

For instance, the day we climbed up to the Cruz de Ferro it was supposed to be raining.Previously I had chosen just a raincoat and no rain pants as my rain gear, and opted out of the big Poncho idea.Well, as it turned out we not only got a lot of rain, but also snow, sleet, and a lot of wind.The poncho people faired a lot better under those conditions, and I literally froze my %#& off.Yesterday’s choice didn’t turn out so well for that day!

Me heading up to, and then standing under the Cruz de Ferro. These pictures don’t do the weather justice. It was worse than it looks.

But on the upside, I did decide to consult my guidebook the night before there were 3 different route options the next day.One route is very beautiful, and it is really remote with no services for 24 kilometers, and can be pretty easily taken by mistake.Taking this route without the right preparation, especially in bad weather, can turn out not so well!

And finally, with less than 100 miles left to get to Santiago we are entering Galicia where with the pilgrims dinner you either get a liter of water, or a full bottle of wine to yourself.At dinner the other night, two German guys not only drank all of their own bottles but also split most of mine.I could tell by their pace the next day, that their decision of last night was definitely effecting their today!

With all of that said, I have reached the peak and am starting to come down from the highest point on the Camino without incident.Enjoy the photos below.There was some fog but that just made it all the more interesting.

And as you must know, I can’t go without mentioning that of course your choice today to, or not to, learn about your breast density, and activity pursue the best screening you can find for yourself can effect your tomorrow in a really big way!Knowledge is power, so go forth today and use what you know, so that it may have the best possible impact on your tomorrow!







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