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So MORE women with breast cancer become Survivors

Leslie Yerger

Join Leslie in her effort to help women with dense breasts understand the best screening options available, and to fund the Density MATTERS study at the Mayo Clinic, by walking the 500 mile Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage. (The Frances Way)

 Join The Walk ~ Camino 2020

What is the Camino de Santiago? 

What is MBI screening?

Leslie’s Story   |   Camino 2018 – Journey & Gallery 

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                              Camino 2020

Are you interested in walking the Camino de Santiago (or a portion of it!)
to fundraise for breast cancer in the fall of 2020?

Walk The Way With Her and Survivingbreastcancer.org are collaborating to LOOSELY organize those who would like to walk the  camino to raise funds for breast cancer. This idea is still developing, but here’s what we know so far:


  • There is no minimum fundraising requirement, and we will not govern where your funds for breast cancer go. However, we will make it easy for you to fundraise for Density MATTERS and Survivingbreastcancer.org.
  • There is no expectation regarding how much the camino you will walk, there are 1 and 2 week options! Make your own trip to suit you, when you want to go! 
  • This will be a loose affiliation. There will be no trip beginning, or end.
  • Everyone will be responsible for their own travel arrangements, supplies, etc. However, lots of helpful tips will be given along the way.
  • No funds will be provided to support travel or other expenses.

Check back for updates as this concept develops.

Contact Leslie at leslie@walkthewaywithher.com if you have any questions.

“The Way” to radically improve
early Breast Cancer detection . . .

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A New Technology: MBI
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A devastating diagnosis, a 500 mile journey, & a quest to
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So MORE Women with Breast
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